Venture Capital - Energy Technology and Life Sciences

Unlike our approach in traditional private equity, Yellowstone will consider making investments in the energy technology and life sciences sector that are more at the venture (start-up) level; that may not currently involve an established product; and that likely will not involve taking control positions. The following are certain current and past investments:


  • AtheroMed, Inc. - Catheter based medical devices for the treatment of peripheral artery disease.

  • Eden Park - Advancing the evolution of light and transforming the way light is applied through development and innovation of microplasma lighting, a flat, ultra-thin, enviromentally responsible light source that combines high energy efficiency and long lifetime.
  • FemPartners, Inc. -- Development & acquisition of services focused exclusively on women's health care 
  • Heliovolt - Developing an efficient, rapid manufacturing process using CIGS thin-film solar technology.
  • IDev Technologies, Inc. -- Innovator and developer of next generation medical devices for use in the interventional radiology and cardiology device marketplace
  • Nanospectra Biosciences -- Gold nanoshells for the treatment of a variety of cancerous tumors.

  • Protonex Technology Corporation - Developing advanced fuel cell powered portable remote power sources, with an emphasis on military applications
  • PureLux - PureLux is developing an advanced lighting technology that delivers exceptional brightness and efficiency through the use of nano materials in thin film devices.
  • Senscient, Inc. - Senscient manufactures affordable, reliable, line-of-sight flammable and toxic gas detection utilizing revolutionary Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy (ELDSTM)
  • SolFocus - Innovator in breakthrough solar energy systems based on concentrator photovoltaics


  • Capstone Turbine - Microturbine manufacturer for distributed power generation with an IPO exit. See Capstone (NASDAQ:CPST)
  • Eunoe, Inc. -- Developed a pioneering, device-based treatment for Alzheimer's disease (liquidated)
  • Grayloc Products LLC - Manufacturer of speciality clamp connectors for the oil and gas and process industries. See Grayloc.
  • Myelos Neurosciences Corporation -- Peptide therapy to treat nervous system disorders and related degenerative diseases, to treat pain syndromes, and a broad range oif peripheral neuropathies, including those associated with diabetes, chemotherapy, and nerve injury; merged with Savient Pharmaceuticals. (NASDAQ: SVNT)
  • Sadra Medical Inc. -- Developing the next generation endovascular aortic valve replacement system. Sadra's minimally invasive approach will allow aortic valve replacement without the risks of surgery. Sadra was sold to Boston Scientific (NYSE: BSX).